If you would like to explore the possibility of commissioning a piece of music from me, please use the link below and be in touch. I am open to writing all sorts of music, whether for band, orchestra, chamber ensembles or odd assortments of instruments; acoustic or amplified; for children or adults, professionals or amateurs; original music or arrangements. I love to put sounds together to create interesting and compelling shapes, and I love to work with others in developing ideas.

Listed below, in reverse chronological order, are the organizations and individuals who have commissioned me to write music for them. You'll find a broad mixture which reflects the comments above. Please do be in touch if you'd like to work something out for you or your group!

Eudaimonia, a Purposeful Period Band
September (2015), setting a poem of the same name by Jennifer Michael Hecht

Longy School of Music
Jane’s History of England (2014)

Flying Flutistas
Beyond There and Back (2013)

Redline Brass Quintet
Conquest of Cold (2012)

New Gallery Concert Series, Sarah Bob, artistic director:
What the Honeybee Knows (2012) for piano and percussion

Firebird Ensemble, Kate Vincent, artistic director:
Blue Bang (2011) for new music ensemble with blues piano
funded by Kickstarter

Longy School of Music, for SeptemberFest 2011:
Opposites Become Equals (2011) for improvising bass clarinet and piano

North Cambridge Family Opera Company, David Bass, director:
Semaphore (2011) and A Parapsychological Pledge (2010) for chorus

Spencer Aston, trumpet:
Hollow Box (2010) for trumpet and resonating piano

Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble:
Ember (2009) for 2 clarinets and 2 accordions

Longy at the RegattaBar series:
Whipping Post (2008) arrangement of Allman Brothers song for string quartet:

Longy School of Music, for the inauguration of Karen Zorn as President:
Fanfare for KZ (2007) for three trumpets

Music Department of Concord Academy, Concord, MA:
Deepening Groove Near Walden Pond (2007) for chamber orchestra

Fromm Foundation for Radnofsky Quartet (with Composers in Red Sneakers):
Groan (2005) for saxophone quartet

Vivian Montgomery:
Breathing Memory (2004) for accordion, harpsichord, and pre-recorded CD

Timothy McAllister, saxophone:
Crows (2002) for alto saxophone and soprano

Beachwood Middle School, Cleveland, OH:
Brown Dog (2001) for middle school band

Valley Presbyterian Church, Chagrin Falls, OH:
Oh Mary (2001) for SATB choir and string orchestra

Cleveland Composers Guild:
Charon (2001) for unaccompanied bass clarinet

Galhano/Montgomery Duo, funding provided by Iowa Arts Council:
Twisted Little Ground (1999) for recorder and harpsichord

Minnesota Contemporary Ensemble,
funding provided by the American Composers Forum's
Composers Commissioning Project:
Hard Weather Makes Good Wood (1999) for string quartet and tape

Jeremy Koch, saxophonist:
Light Possessing Darkness (1997) for alto saxophone, piano

Nashville Chamber Orchestra, Paul Gambill, music director:
Dark Hollow (1996) for string orchestra with flugelhorn solo

Timothy Northcut, tuba:
String of Pearls (1994) for unaccompanied tuba

Antiqua Nova concert series:
Two Poems of Wendell Berry (1994) for soprano, clarinet, violoncello

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, David Stock, music director:
Spin Control (1994) for chamber orchestra

Detroit Chamber Winds:
Elegy (Separation) (1992) for flugelhorn, oboe, clarinet, violin

Vivian Sarah Montgomery:
My Love Lives Down That Long Dirt Road (1992) for harpsichord

Davidson College Music Department:
Excursive Sonata for thirteen musicians (1988) for wind ensemble