I have a collection of other sites at JHMedu.org.

I have in the last two years gotten more and more involved in contemplative approaches to teaching, so a certain amount of the motivation for putting up the additional sites is to spread my thinking about musical analysis. After attending a conference on mindfulness in teaching, I began using contemplative techniques in a class, Graduate Theory Review for Aural Skills (GTR-A). About the same time, I began to realize that the analytical technique I’d been using in classes for several years, the Sound-Energy Aggregate approach, was in fact contemplative musical analysis, something approaching a theory of the phenomenology of music. I have presented those ideas at the national conference of the Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education, and delivered a paper on the Sound-Energy Aggregate (SEA) years ago at composer conferences. So there’s a site in the JHMedu suite containing the original paper as well as explanations of the history of the idea, a description of its value, and so forth. I created a blog on Contemplating Music a couple of years ago for a class, Contemplating Music, and have only recently begun to add thoughts to it. My thinking is that the only way I’ll ever get anywhere close to generating enough expansion of the SEA concept to get it into a publishable form is to write down and spread my thoughts as they come, bit by bit, and one day look back and realize I’ve got enough of a start to call it one! At any rate, check out the blog and see if I’m actually following up on my challenge to record my thoughts as they arise...

The other sites at JHMedu are class websites for my teaching at the Longy School of Music of Bard College. In addition to the GTR-A site mentioned above, there’s a site for a prep composition seminar and a link to a set of preparatory music theory texts for which I was principle author. Feel free to check them out, use them in classes. Also at the site is a link to a site for my course, Composition for Performers.

Another site at JHMedu is the yearly call for submissions for the Young Composers Festival held annually at the Community Music Center of Boston, for which I organize readings for pre-college composers and serve on the board of directors for the festival as a whole.