Thanks to the following people, and many others who prefer to remain unadvertised, I was able to raise money to support the composing of Blue Bang for the Firebird Ensemble, with David Maxwell on blues piano. Some of the folks listed below have websites you can visit, others have simply allowed me to list their names publicly. I am indebted to all.

And here are a couple of pictures taken the night of the premier to celebrate the completed project...

Pasted Graphic

Pasted Graphic 1

Rachel Arnold
Eleanor Perrone
Beth Price

Brandon Milardo
Judith Bose
Philip Blackburn
Joseph Fear
Mick Provencher
Ketty Nez
Jill R. Pearon, Soprano
Kathy Reed
Jeffrey Stock

Emily Lau
Janet Packer
Jim Moylan
Roy Rudolph
Tsuyoshi Honjo
Eric Sawyer
Mark Golden
Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin
Glenn Dickson
Shadi Ebrahimi
Anney Gillotte
Phil Lynes
Elizabeth Owens Dean
Deborah Yardley Beers
Eli B. Brown and Michael L. Brown

Stacey Barelos
Mary Bonina
Bradford Gleim
Clayton Hoener
Sarah Collins

William Lawing
Dennis Shafer
Janet Harvey
Ellen Harrison
Chris Freeman
Tony Solitro
Suzanne Hanser

Whitman Brown
David Love
James Long
Dave Hollinden
Field Coxe
Tim Cline
Tony Rudie
Beverly Simmons & Ross W. Duffin
Jeremy Van Buskirk
Christopher Jon Crosby
Ed Matthew
Roy Sansom
R. A. Humphreville
elizabeth miel
Ms. Belinda Yu
Paul Zmolek
Julian Pellicano
Dave Rew
David McGrory
Norman Abbott
Jennifer Strom
Patricia Long
Steven Troian
Beth & Jim Sargent
David Bass
Ryan Leaver
mark somerville
John Buehrens
David and Judy Broad
Joshua S. Freeman
Andrew Gwynn
Mark Shelley
Steedman Lyles
John Howell

Jim Skurdall

(If you are a donor, and find your name not listed but would like for it to be, please let me know!)